William Penn Inn

Janey and Dan's Wedding Day

I just made myself a really big glass of Iced Tea and filled it with blueberries and basil and a just a touch of spearmint. Am I trying to push a recipe on my photo blog?  Maybe. I just have a lot of basil. Maybe you do too? I'm telling you, put it in your lemonade, your iced tea, your water. You won't be disappointed.   It's one billion degrees outside and inside or the pool seems like the only logical option- my youngest is making a ninja warrior course in my living room, and I'm trying best to remember all of the lovely moments of Janey and Dan's July 8th wedding day....with my delicious blueberry basil tea in hand . 

When I finished up Janey and Dan's Engagement session last summer in 2016, I just knew that their wedding day was going to be special. Janey and Dan are both just so lovely. I am thankful that I was able to spend lots of time during the engagement session getting to know them. We even were able to do some scouting out of places to take pictures on the wedding day. This was so very helpful- If you are a future bride or groom out there and you're reading this, make some time to do a little scouting before your wedding day for some good spots to take pictures. It's so helpful and makes for smooth transitions day of. There was a lot of attention to detail leading up to the wedding day...Janey and Dan were prepared and ready! I loved it! 

Janey and Dan's day was so pretty- The flowers were done by AN ENCHANTED FLORIST in Skippack Village. They were so gorgeous! 

Janey's Dress was Watters, from the Wedding Pavilion at Van Cleve in Paoli. 

Hair and makeup was done by the Citrus Salon and Day Spa at Blue Bell. 

I worked alongside Lucas and Alfredo of Rivre Films and they were just the nicest and coolest guys...cannot wait to see their film of the day!

The Reception was held at the Historic William Penn Inn. 

And lastly but never least, thank you to Ralph, my amazing second shooter/best friend. 

Janey and Dan your wedding was perfect, thank you for having me there. xo


Below are my favorite moments of the day, there were so many to choose from! I loved how casually Janey spent time with her friends before the wedding- I love how Janey could not stop twirling in her dress. I adored Dan's dinosaur cuff links, and his peacock bowtie. I love how Janey's mom was the maid of honor. I love how parents were involved in almost every moment of the day. I loved how when the clouds cleared that evening there was a giant full moon.

Wedding days are busy and hectic  for everyone involved- sometimes it's hard to breathe from one moment to the next. However, when that breath happens, when you stop and look around, surrounded by your family and your friends and oh so much love ; whether you're the couple getting married or in my case as someone photographing the wedding; the breath feels full and sweet, full of brilliant life and magic. It's in those moments that that I feel most thankful for this beautiful work that I'm choosing.