Philadelphia area wedding photography

Lindsey and Jason's Wedding in the Mountains

June 17th, 2017


A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to travel up to the mountains in Pennsylvania  to photograph Lindsey and Jason's beautiful wedding day. The whole day took place at Lords Valley Country Club- I could not recommend this venue more- It was right on the water, a stunning backdrop for the day. Jason and Lindsey's wedding had the added element of being themed after one of my favorite movies of all time, The Princess Bride....aaaaah, could not have loved it more!! If you know the movie then you know just how many great quotes and references you can work in to a wedding ceremony and reception! It was so well done and clever, and I found myself smiling at all quirky additions. If you've never seen the movie, I highly encourage you to check it out. It's a pop culture classic! 

Jason and Lindsey's wedding was so wonderful to photograph- Their love for each other is so tender and sweet- they cried and laughed, their guests cried and was such an emotional day- Lindsey and  Jason were surrounded by everyone whom they love and hold dear. 

A few highlights that stand out to me and I won't ever forget: 

Lindsey reading the letter that Jason gave her before the wedding. She cried so much reading it, it was so touching on my heart to see and witness. 

I never tire of seeing parents dance with their children on their wedding day. Jason and his mom danced to Natalie Merchant's song " kind and generous" and there wasn't a dry eye there.  Just beautiful. 

Between the mountains and the lake, being surrounded by the beauty of nature was just perfection. Thank you Jason and Linds for the wonderful time spent with you and your friends and family.  

Heather and Mike's Engagement Session

Heather and Mike are two really awesome individuals- Together they make one extraordinary couple. I really wanted to make sure I blogged their session because it was just so much fun! We really took our time making fun pictures, and all that time really allowed me to get to know these two even more. I loved that. We all have a lot in common, which led to lots of excited conversations ranging from Sia, to Harry Potter, to Cats and Craft beers. It was a fantastic afternoon. We began our session at Heather and Mike's home ( the cutest apartment ever!) and then headed to Norristown Farm Park. I photographedHeather and Mike and their two cats (Grace and Phillip) doing things that feel normal to them - drinking copious amounts of tea and listening to records.

We headed to Norristown Farm Park, chasing some pretty sun. What I thought was super cool, was a big storm was moving in on us as we were shooting. It allowed for some really cool sky moments during our session- Sun pushing through black wall clouds. At times, between the barns and sky, I felt like we were in Kansas. At other moments, like I stepped in to a Andrew Wyeth painting. Maybe it was because it was Halloween Eve. Maybe it was the deep Autumnal Light. It all just felt a little bewitching, and it's during these times that I feel most alive in my work. It was a fantastic day.

Heather and MIke- You two, oh you two are the sweetest. I know your wedding will be amazing.

Happy Thanksgiving friends! Fill your plates with love.



Celina and Eugene's Engagement Session

I first met Celina and Eugene earlier this year when they came out to Media to my family's cafe, Seven Stones. I instantly clicked with this pair. They are both so different, yet so completely united in their adoration for each other. They have a mutual love for travel and adventures, really good food, and they both adore their fur babies, the Buns. Yep. That's right. Eugene And Celina are parents to three adorable bunnies that hop around their house. It seemed ridiculous to me to not work the buns in to the plannings of their engagement photos, and C and E agreed! We decided to take some pictures in Ridley Creek State Park, and then head to Eugene and Celina's home for some images afterwards. We met and the sky was rather threatening, but in the end we only got rained on a little bit. Celina and Eugene scoped out some remote spots for the shoot, and I was thrilled that we did not see a soul the whole time we were out. I think between the darkness of the sky, and being in the woods, many of the images have a magical, otherworldly sense. I really loved the time that I spent with Celina and Eugene, andI am excited for their wedding next September! Thank you Celina and Eugene, and the bunnies too!!

I shot a combo of film and Digital, The film shots, are the first six. Kodak Portra 400 film shot with my Nikon F100. I just love love love this combo. The greens are perfection.