Pablo and Kaitlin

Today's blog is very special to me. On the blog today is Pablo and Kaitlin's engagement session. Pablo is my first cousin. My dad, and his dad are brothers. My dad passed away a very long time ago when I was 17. He is the person whom I was and am inspired by the most with my own photography.  My dad had an amazing eye, and he loved having a camera in his hands. 

My Uncle Frank, Pablo's dad is someone whom I always felt so incredibly close with. After my dad passed away, I visited my Uncle Frank in England, where he was living at the time with his family. I spent time with him and my Aunt, and my cousins Pablo and his brother Javi. It was a restorative trip. My family is awesome.

When my Uncle Frank and my Aunt got married, my dad and my mom traveled to Spain for their wedding. There is a whole photo album devoted to the trip, and it has some of my Dad's favorite work. He has many pictures of my Uncle and my Aunt. They remind me of Engagement pictures. When I was in Brooklyn, with my cousin and Kaitlin a few weeks ago, I felt like I was having a full circle moment. I found myself thinking of my dad.....wishing he was there with me. I believe he was.  I just adored spending time with my cousin. Kaitlin is amazing, and they have the sweetest little baby Thomas who is absolutely adorable. They really love living in Brooklyn, and it was easy to see why. Brooklyn is awesome. We had such a fun time. Pablo and Kate took me to where they first met, and some of their favorite places to hang out. We spent out time in Wiliamsburg. We walked all over. It was a gloriously warm day, and we were able to explore until it was dark. The sun set was epic. I loved the Manhattan Skyline and Statue of Liberty in the distance down by the water.

Many thanks to Kate's sister who took care of little T while mommy and daddy got some photos.

I'm so looking forward to Kate and Pablo's wedding in February in Philly. It's going to be so fun!

Thank you Pablo and Kate. You two are the best. Love you both so much.



Heather and Mike's Engagement Session

Heather and Mike are two really awesome individuals- Together they make one extraordinary couple. I really wanted to make sure I blogged their session because it was just so much fun! We really took our time making fun pictures, and all that time really allowed me to get to know these two even more. I loved that. We all have a lot in common, which led to lots of excited conversations ranging from Sia, to Harry Potter, to Cats and Craft beers. It was a fantastic afternoon. We began our session at Heather and Mike's home ( the cutest apartment ever!) and then headed to Norristown Farm Park. I photographedHeather and Mike and their two cats (Grace and Phillip) doing things that feel normal to them - drinking copious amounts of tea and listening to records.

We headed to Norristown Farm Park, chasing some pretty sun. What I thought was super cool, was a big storm was moving in on us as we were shooting. It allowed for some really cool sky moments during our session- Sun pushing through black wall clouds. At times, between the barns and sky, I felt like we were in Kansas. At other moments, like I stepped in to a Andrew Wyeth painting. Maybe it was because it was Halloween Eve. Maybe it was the deep Autumnal Light. It all just felt a little bewitching, and it's during these times that I feel most alive in my work. It was a fantastic day.

Heather and MIke- You two, oh you two are the sweetest. I know your wedding will be amazing.

Happy Thanksgiving friends! Fill your plates with love.