Family sessions

It only happens once a year: Spring mini family sessions!

I've started to receive a few phone calls and texts...Audrey are you offering spring mini sessions this year? And the answer is yes! I've struggled a bit getting my act together with's been a rough month of sickness in my house! Even more the reason to herald spring on all fronts...physically, mentally, emotionally! I know lots of families that have struggled with winter this year too, it's been a rough one! Let's blow winter a kiss goodbye and go have some springtime fun. What do you say? 

So as I've done in the past, I will open up next week  to book Spring Mini Sessions at a discounted price. Here are the details : 

1 Mini Session at the Location of your choosing . That can be your home, a local park, grandma's house, a garden. I'm happy to recommend a place! The place we choose has to be within 30 minutes of my home in Media, PA.  A mini session is a 20-30 minute session. From this session you will receive an online gallery of 12-15 retouched images from our time together (the best ones of course!) These images will be downloadable, and yours. If you want to purchase prints from the session you can do that too, in your very own gallery. 

Window to purchase the mini session at the discounted price is from Monday March 13th- Sunday March 19th. After that, you may still book a mini session, but you will pay the regular price for such. 

Mini session special is $175 plus PA tax. Session price is due at the time of booking. I will send you an invoice after we choose a date and time. Mini sessions are for families. Because of time constraints, I cannot do engagement sessions, maternity sessions,  or newborn sessions as a mini session. Also noted, is that this is not for extended families. Big family sessions take more time, and 20-30 minutes is just never enough! 

Mini sessions can be booked any time that I have available between April, May, and early June. 

If you're reading this and you'd like to book a mini session, please send me an email via my contact form, or you can email me directly. Whichever works for you. 

Lastly, if you're reading this and think that a mini is not enough time and you'd still like to book a session with me, I'd love to hear from you. I'm always booking regular family sessions and it's a great time I promise. 

I believe that picture sessions are always the gift that keeps on giving, because life has a way of changing in a moment . If you're a parent reading this, I'm sure you agree. Every day, no matter the ages of our children, they are in a constant flux of changing and growing. It always amazes me. They grow, our hearts grow. There is so much beauty. 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Thanks as always.