Matt and Emily's wedding day

Hello and Happy September! I am so happy to be back on the blog today sharing the gorgeous day that Matt and Emily shared on September 1st 2018. Matt is my first cousin, my dad’s sister’s son. It’s always so special to be part of any wedding day, it’s extra special when it’s a family member getting married! I’ve watched Matt and Emily fall in love the past few years- Matt and Emily met in Australia when Matt was studying abroad there a few years back. After lots of phone calls and some back and forth trips, Emily moved here to the USA. It’s been so wonderful getting to know her, and am so happy that she is now part of our family!

Matt and Emily chose to get married at the Jersey Shore, as it’s a very special place to both Matt and now Emily! My Grandparents had a home in Stone Harbor as we were growing up, and summers were spent here by so many of our cousins. Matt and his sibs worked and played most summers at the shore. Our grandparents have since passed away, but Matt had the brilliant idea of taking a wedding picture at our Grandparents house. It was so cool to be there again.

Matt and Emily got married in Avalon at the Sacred Heart Church. We took pictures in Stone Harbor from there, and then headed to Atlantic City Country Club for the reception. Getting ready for the wedding all took place at the country club. Special shout out to Springer’s ice cream in Stone Harbor for letting Matt and Em jump the ( always) long line and get a couple of wedding day cones and some pictures there! If you’ve never been to Springers, you have to go. It’s the best ice cream ever! The weather on the wedding day gorgeous, overcast in the morning, that turned in to the most beautiful blue sky, gorgeous sunset kind of day. Just lovely.

Matt and Emily’s wedding was super rad because of the following folks:

Atlantic City Country Club

Manic Botanic Florals

Gina Jost Makeup Artistry

Kara Graham Hair

Karrim at HAK wedding and video

I would also like to personally thank Ralph Nardell for the assist with this wedding and the beautiful pictures!!

Below are just a few of my favorites from the day.

Thank you Matt and Emily for letting me be a part of your day, love you both. <3

Kate and Stuart's wedding preview

“I ask you to pass through life at my side—to be my second self, and best earthly companion.” —Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre



Hello, and Happy Summer! Last weekend I had the honor of photographing Kate and Stuart's wedding in Philadelphia. It was so romantic, so beautiful. They had a gorgeous weather day that was surrounded by their family and friends. I am so happy for the two of them! A few favorites from the day are below. Kate and Stuart could not have had a day so lovely if not for the following: 

London Creative Flowers, Happily ever after Hair, Dylan Michael Makeup, Philly Bride, East Coast Event Group Videos, Cescaphe Event Group.

 My personal thanks to my wingman Ralph Nardell for all your help and great photographs.  You're the best. 


If it looks like it was a real fun day that's because it was!! I am booking weddings for this year still ( love dem winter weddings!!) and for 2019 too. I love what I do, and want to do more! Book a wedding with me and let me and my team have a great time with you and the ones you love. Then  you'll be here on the blog and I'll be talking all about you. Message me friends! 




Cait and Jake's Engagement session

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” 
― Anaïs Nin

A little over a year ago I met my friend Caitlin for the first time- You know when you meet a new friend that you know will just become an amazing friend? That is Caitlin. When we first met I knew that she would become a person in my life. I love the Anais Nin quote above. 

 Caitlin is funny, kind, sweet, good hearted. She is an amazing artist. Caitlin got engaged last Christmas to her sweetie Jake. When Caitlin asked me if I would like to photograph their wedding I was beyond happy and excited to do it. 

Caitlin and Jake are just adorable together- Their love is sweet, comfy, and as real and natural as it gets. When you're with them, it just feels like being with best friends. 

For their engagement session, we decided to let the day lead us naturally. We drank coffee, we walked around, we sat on stoops. We walked in the woods, and visited an old greenhouse. We talked and laughed together. 

For this shoot I did a mix of digital and film. 

I am so excited that I was able to have this adventure with Cait and Jake, and I am so looking forward to their wedding next year! 


Janey and Dan's Wedding Day

I just made myself a really big glass of Iced Tea and filled it with blueberries and basil and a just a touch of spearmint. Am I trying to push a recipe on my photo blog?  Maybe. I just have a lot of basil. Maybe you do too? I'm telling you, put it in your lemonade, your iced tea, your water. You won't be disappointed.   It's one billion degrees outside and inside or the pool seems like the only logical option- my youngest is making a ninja warrior course in my living room, and I'm trying best to remember all of the lovely moments of Janey and Dan's July 8th wedding day....with my delicious blueberry basil tea in hand . 

When I finished up Janey and Dan's Engagement session last summer in 2016, I just knew that their wedding day was going to be special. Janey and Dan are both just so lovely. I am thankful that I was able to spend lots of time during the engagement session getting to know them. We even were able to do some scouting out of places to take pictures on the wedding day. This was so very helpful- If you are a future bride or groom out there and you're reading this, make some time to do a little scouting before your wedding day for some good spots to take pictures. It's so helpful and makes for smooth transitions day of. There was a lot of attention to detail leading up to the wedding day...Janey and Dan were prepared and ready! I loved it! 

Janey and Dan's day was so pretty- The flowers were done by AN ENCHANTED FLORIST in Skippack Village. They were so gorgeous! 

Janey's Dress was Watters, from the Wedding Pavilion at Van Cleve in Paoli. 

Hair and makeup was done by the Citrus Salon and Day Spa at Blue Bell. 

I worked alongside Lucas and Alfredo of Rivre Films and they were just the nicest and coolest guys...cannot wait to see their film of the day!

The Reception was held at the Historic William Penn Inn. 

And lastly but never least, thank you to Ralph, my amazing second shooter/best friend. 

Janey and Dan your wedding was perfect, thank you for having me there. xo


Below are my favorite moments of the day, there were so many to choose from! I loved how casually Janey spent time with her friends before the wedding- I love how Janey could not stop twirling in her dress. I adored Dan's dinosaur cuff links, and his peacock bowtie. I love how Janey's mom was the maid of honor. I love how parents were involved in almost every moment of the day. I loved how when the clouds cleared that evening there was a giant full moon.

Wedding days are busy and hectic  for everyone involved- sometimes it's hard to breathe from one moment to the next. However, when that breath happens, when you stop and look around, surrounded by your family and your friends and oh so much love ; whether you're the couple getting married or in my case as someone photographing the wedding; the breath feels full and sweet, full of brilliant life and magic. It's in those moments that that I feel most thankful for this beautiful work that I'm choosing. 

Lindsey and Jason's Wedding in the Mountains

June 17th, 2017


A few weekends ago, I had the opportunity to travel up to the mountains in Pennsylvania  to photograph Lindsey and Jason's beautiful wedding day. The whole day took place at Lords Valley Country Club- I could not recommend this venue more- It was right on the water, a stunning backdrop for the day. Jason and Lindsey's wedding had the added element of being themed after one of my favorite movies of all time, The Princess Bride....aaaaah, could not have loved it more!! If you know the movie then you know just how many great quotes and references you can work in to a wedding ceremony and reception! It was so well done and clever, and I found myself smiling at all quirky additions. If you've never seen the movie, I highly encourage you to check it out. It's a pop culture classic! 

Jason and Lindsey's wedding was so wonderful to photograph- Their love for each other is so tender and sweet- they cried and laughed, their guests cried and was such an emotional day- Lindsey and  Jason were surrounded by everyone whom they love and hold dear. 

A few highlights that stand out to me and I won't ever forget: 

Lindsey reading the letter that Jason gave her before the wedding. She cried so much reading it, it was so touching on my heart to see and witness. 

I never tire of seeing parents dance with their children on their wedding day. Jason and his mom danced to Natalie Merchant's song " kind and generous" and there wasn't a dry eye there.  Just beautiful. 

Between the mountains and the lake, being surrounded by the beauty of nature was just perfection. Thank you Jason and Linds for the wonderful time spent with you and your friends and family.  

Rebekah and Nick's wedding at Sage Farmhouse

Sometimes in life you meet people and there is just this immediate, instant connection. You feel like you can tell stories back and forth easily, swap jokes and funny tales, and when you point the camera in their direction, you instantly see the real them. That's what it was like when I first hung out with Nick and Rebekah. They were so open, and so genuine. We sat for almost two hours chatting about life, and love and weddings as we shared lunch. At their engagement session, we spent almost three hours walking in the city, and the night ended back at their house where I got to meet their Chihuahua, Pablo. I hope that all wedding photographers out there have this kind of connection with the people that they are going to photograph on the wedding day. I know that it's not always possible with the crazy busy lives that we all lead, but this connection that I get is the real icing on the cake when it comes to the work that I do, on the art that I make. The story is's the beginning and the end. It's everything. 

This wedding, and the next wedding that I will be sharing on the blog, are my favorite kind of wedding. I would really like to start making a shift in the next year or so, to specializing in very small and intimate weddings. These celebrations just make my heart sing, and I love the quality of time that I can get to slow down and concentrate on making portraits that the bride and groom will remember and cherish for their whole lives. 

Rebekah and Nick's wedding took place on June 10th 2017 at the Sage Farmhouse in Media, Pennsylvania. The wedding had a country/shabby chic vibe going on- There was a menu of Chicken and Ravioli and cornbread followed by 4 different kind of wedding cake ( I may or may not have devoured a piece of the most delicious chocolate cake of all time !) all perfectly catered by Adele's Creative Catering. So yummy!

Nick and the boys rented their light gray tuxes, and the girls bridesmaids dresses where chosen by the bridesmaids, Rebekah just gave them a color to look for. Rebekah's dress was from Van Cleve Pavilion in Paoli-  it was so gorgeous and unique, she was such a gorgeous bride! The flowers were lovely too and they were from Hagan -Rossi Forest in Delanco New Jersey. 

Rebekah and Nick had the nicest officiant named Amanda Clark- their ceremony was gorgeous!

At the reception there was not too much dancing, but there was a first dance and parent dances that left me a little watery in the eyes. I loved how Rebekah and Nick set up a Polaroid table and a little frame to hang all of the pictures. The night ended with a beautiful sparkler send off! It was such a gorgeous night! 

Rebekah and Nick, thank you for choosing me to be your photographer. You two are absolutely beautiful people, and I hope we can keep in touch as the years go on. xxoo - Audrey




Celina and Eugene's Elopement at Ridley Creek

Today I'm here on the blog sharing Eugene and Celina's Elopement at Ridley Creek State Park two Sundays ago, March 12th, 2017. Physically, the day was really, really cold- We were just a couple of days out from our largest snowfall of the season and I don't think the temperature got above 35 degrees all day. Emotionally however, the day was the warmest, sweetest day - To be the only witness to a wedding aside from the officiant is pretty special. To be there for Eugene and Celina felt right- it was the only place in the world that I wanted to be.

Celina and Eugene had originally planned to be married September 3rd 2017. They had planned on a wedding at an Estate, surrounded by their family and friends. I had met with them originally last spring, and I fell in love with them immediately. Celina excitedly talks to you about everything; her zest for life is one of the most infectiously beautiful forces on the planet, of this I'm sure. She loves life, and she lets you know, and she lives it every moment. Eugene, who is more quiet, is a grounding, calming force in Celina's life that is so purely balancing. They are a yin- yang power couple! When I did their engagement session we had included their precious fur baby bunnies. They are so cute!

About three weeks ago Celina reached out to me to let me know that she was sick, that she had been diagnosed with Lymphoma, a cancer of the Lymphatic system.  After having pain in her hip for almost a year, and seeing physical therapists and chiropractors, she was finally referred to have an MRI that revealed a tumor in Celina's back. She was then diagnosed with Lymphoma, and immediately met with doctors in the city whom immediately came up with a plan to attack Celina's cancer. Eugene became steadying guide, her rock through this. Planning a wedding just didn't seem so important anymore. All the planning that had already been done, all the energy that was left to do...seemed better suited to getting Celina better. Celina and Eugene together decided that they wanted to go through this together a married couple. When they called me together, as Celina's voice broke, Eugene's became steady. While this news felt overwhelming at first,  I was calmed by the two of them. They asked me if I would photograph their wedding on the next weekend, at the park where we all gathered for the engagement session 6 months prior. There was no place I would rather be.

On the day of the their wedding, I woke up early. I dressed quietly, walked the dog, and made a pot of coffee. The sky played games of cloudy, then sunny, then cloudy again. I make notes of skies on wedding days.

As I arrived at Celina and Eugene's home, Celina excitedly greeted me. She looked beautiful and bright. She was excited and happy. In my hands I held a gift. A framed illustration made my wonderful artist friend Caitlin; that along with a beautiful hydrangea paper flower.  I put them on the table for her and Eugene to open later.

Celina and I headed to the Philly so she could have her hair and makeup done. Amazingly, Celina's vendors that she had chosen for September date, her dress, her makeup, her officiant, and myself all were able to be there for Celina and Eugene to make their Elopement feel just as special. We headed to Aleksandra Ambrozy makeup and hair.

On the way to the salon, and on the way back, we chatted about everything- marriage, weddings, cancer, strength. She told me that she is looking at cancer like a gift of sorts. Cancer has helped restore her faith in the goodness of people. She said that she's seen this goodness in her doctors, in her friends, in her family. She said that everyone that she called to help her with her elopement went above and beyond . Celina and Eugene feel blessed. She and Eugene are sure that she will beat her cancer. I know she will too. They have such amazing strength on the own, and as a couple, times it by ten. 

After the salon, we arrived back at Celina and Eugene's home, where Celina dressed and Eugene saw Celina for the first time as his bride to be. They brought the bunnies out in to their living room where they hopped around for a bit while Eugene and Celina sat andwe talked. They opened the gift I gave them. It all felt so alive and real.

As we all walked out the door, we double checked marriage license, vows, rings.

We got in to the car and headed to the park.

Celina and Eugene got married about 4:15 pm . It was freezing and we were all shaking and we were all crying. Crying does not make photography hard, in fact I find it more the reason to click harder and faster. Can each tear stream match the collection of memories? I hope so.

To Celina and Eugene: I love you guys. You are love. You are passion and friendship and beauty and care. I am a different person than I was two weeks ago, and it's a good change.  Thank you for blessing me with the gift that is the two of you. I wish you all the health and love that's inside of my heart.



It only happens once a year: Spring mini family sessions!

I've started to receive a few phone calls and texts...Audrey are you offering spring mini sessions this year? And the answer is yes! I've struggled a bit getting my act together with's been a rough month of sickness in my house! Even more the reason to herald spring on all fronts...physically, mentally, emotionally! I know lots of families that have struggled with winter this year too, it's been a rough one! Let's blow winter a kiss goodbye and go have some springtime fun. What do you say? 

So as I've done in the past, I will open up next week  to book Spring Mini Sessions at a discounted price. Here are the details : 

1 Mini Session at the Location of your choosing . That can be your home, a local park, grandma's house, a garden. I'm happy to recommend a place! The place we choose has to be within 30 minutes of my home in Media, PA.  A mini session is a 20-30 minute session. From this session you will receive an online gallery of 12-15 retouched images from our time together (the best ones of course!) These images will be downloadable, and yours. If you want to purchase prints from the session you can do that too, in your very own gallery. 

Window to purchase the mini session at the discounted price is from Monday March 13th- Sunday March 19th. After that, you may still book a mini session, but you will pay the regular price for such. 

Mini session special is $175 plus PA tax. Session price is due at the time of booking. I will send you an invoice after we choose a date and time. Mini sessions are for families. Because of time constraints, I cannot do engagement sessions, maternity sessions,  or newborn sessions as a mini session. Also noted, is that this is not for extended families. Big family sessions take more time, and 20-30 minutes is just never enough! 

Mini sessions can be booked any time that I have available between April, May, and early June. 

If you're reading this and you'd like to book a mini session, please send me an email via my contact form, or you can email me directly. Whichever works for you. 

Lastly, if you're reading this and think that a mini is not enough time and you'd still like to book a session with me, I'd love to hear from you. I'm always booking regular family sessions and it's a great time I promise. 

I believe that picture sessions are always the gift that keeps on giving, because life has a way of changing in a moment . If you're a parent reading this, I'm sure you agree. Every day, no matter the ages of our children, they are in a constant flux of changing and growing. It always amazes me. They grow, our hearts grow. There is so much beauty. 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Thanks as always.